A New Dimension in Solvent-based Cleaning

Increasing demands on the quality of parts require more complex solutions for industrial parts cleaning processes. With EcoCcore, we have designed a solvent-based cleaning machine perfectly adapted to meet these requirements. The system offers maximum flexibility and high throughput and volume capacity, resulting in optimum cost efficiency.

Maximum Flexibility and High Capacity with Improved Cost Efficiency

The design of the EcoCcore system combines all the benefits of a solvent-based cleaning system with extremely simple operation.


  • Increased Carrying Capacity: Increases Throughput And Reduces Unit Costs.
  • Adaptable Operation: With modified hydrocarbons and alcohols for changing production conditions.
  • Optimized System Technology: For enhanced parts cleanliness.
  • Exceptional Ease of Maintenance: Smart Modular Construction Eases Maintenance.
  • Intuitive System Operation: A New HMI Panel With Clearly Defined Process Tracking That Includes Integrated Partial View.
  • High Flexibility: Through a Variety of Available Load Compositions, Combination Filter Boxes and Component Preservation Options.


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