Automated Industrial Washers

The Automated Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners optimize the cleaning process in manufacturing processes, ensuring quality and cost reduction. The control by PLC with screen (HMI) allows easy interaction and safety between operator and machine.

The Industrial Washers Have Highly Technological Systems Heating, Agitation, Ultrasound and Rotating Baskets.

The cleaning must be applied on demand, according to various aspects: Type of Component, Material, Surface, Type of Contamination and Cleaning Need.

Delta Ultrassons Equipment has the following differentials:

  • High Technology;
  • Simple Operation;
  • Software With Intuitive Interface Facilitating the Operation of the Machine;
  • Heating System with variable temperature adjustment between 20 and 80°C;
  • Manufacture 100% Stainless Steel;
  • Filtration System With High Power Particles Removal.
  • Deionizer Module to Supply Water of High Quality to the System;
  • Ultrasound Process Time Adjustment From 1 – 99 Minutes;
  • Ultrasound Frequency 25Khz, 40kHz, 80Khz and 120Khz
  • Tanks With Wide Capacities;
  • Digital Time and Temperature Control;


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