The Compact Solution For Economical And Reliable Solvent-based Cleaning.

The EcoCcompact is a single-chamber cleaning system for cleaning and preservation of industrial parts with non-halogenated hydrocarbons and modified alcohols operating under full vacuum. It offers high cleaning quality in short cycle times, combined with maximum flexibility for a variety of cleaning tasks.

With its Flexible Modular System (1 to 3 Tank Version), the EcoCcompact is Easily Tailored to Individual Customer Needs. The System is Therefore Suitable For A Wide Range Of Applications, From Fast Degreasing To Demanding Cleaning Operations In Compliance With Exacting Cleaning Specifications.

Offering A Choice Of Two Different Work Chamber Sizes, The System Allows You To Prepare Your Specific Individual Batches. Therefore, Product Cost Per Unit is Minimised. For your EcoCcompact machine, Ecoclean offers a wide range of options that can be individually selected to suit your needs.


  • Flexible Application Option: For Various Applications, From Preliminary and Intermediate Cleaning To Final Cleaning As Well As Preservation
  • Future-Focused Technology: Suitable for Non-Halogenated Hydrocarbons and Alcohols Modified for Changing Production Conditions
  • Reduced Unit Product Costs: Through Volume-Optimised Batch Composition With High Efficiency Rates
  • Improved Parts Cleanliness: Improved Fluid Management and Frequency-Controlled Dipping Process
  • User-Friendly Operation: HMI Operator Panel for Real-Time Monitoring of All System States, Failure Diagnosis and Service Interval Notification, Supports Industry 4.0
  • Ease of Maintenance: Compact and Smart Construction Makes Accessibility Easy and Space-Saving
  • Customer Specific Features: Over 40 Different Configuration Options in the Basic Version

As a Highly Effective Cleaning Agent, Non-Halogenated Hydrocarbons Enable the Safe and Economical Use of Solvents to Remove Oils, Greases, Emulsions and Swarf Between or After Manufacturing Processes.

Both Small Plants with Comparatively Low Production Capacity and Large Plants with Decentralised Cleaning Stations Benefit From EcoCcompact’s Sophisticated Technology.

Ecoclean Broschuere EcoCcompact

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