Delta Ultrassons Line of Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners offers High Performance Cleaning Services inside Factories and Industrial Parks. With the use of PLCs and HMIs, the automation of the machines contributes to an effective delivery, easy handling and control of the cleaning processes, aligned to the customer needs and the development of Industry 4.0.

The Ultrasonic Cleaner Automatic 300 is a robust equipment, with automatic transference of the baskets between cleaning stages, allowing greater agility in the industrial process. It has an Oil Separator System and filters with high capacity to remove particles in bag or cartridge shape. It is Possible to Design the Machine with a Pre-Treatment Station with High Pressure Spray Technology, Sequential Ultrasonic Cleaning Stages with Differentiated Frequencies, Rinsing and Hot Air-Drying Station, or Vacuum Systems.

The Automatic 300 Ultrasonic Cleaner has an industrial standard electrical panel and protection within the strictest safety standards, such as NR-10 and NR-12.

The Delta Ultrassons Equipment has as differentials:

  • High Technology;
  • Simple Operation;
  • Software with Intuitive Interface, Facilitating Operation in Manual or Automatic Mode;
  • Heating System with variable temperature adjustment between 20 and 80°C;
  • Manufacture 100% Stainless Steel;
  • Filtration System with High Power Particles Removal;
  • Deionizer Module to Provide High Quality Water for The System;
  • Ultrasound Process Time Adjustment From 1 – 99 Minutes;
  • Ultrasound frequency of 25kHz, 40kHz, 80kHz and 120kHz;
  • Tank Capacity From 200 To 3,000 Liters;
  • Digital Time and Temperature Control;
  • Programmable Logic Controller PLC and Human Machine Interface HMI;
  • Ultrasonic Power Adjustment;
  • Sweep System;
  • High and Low Frequency Adjustment;
  • Easy Maintenance.


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