The Inlet System for Solvent Cleaning.

EcoCbase C2 is Designed to Enable Easy Entry into Industrial Cleaning. The excellent cost/performance ratio makes the machine a very attractive solution, especially at short investment periods.

Compact System Is Fully Standardized, Using Easy And Proven Technology And Requires Only A Small Base Area. The EcoCbase C2 uses non-halogenated hydrocarbons as a highly effective and economical cleaning medium to remove oils, grease, emulsions and swarf. The Machine Can Alternatively Be Used Between or After Manufacturing, Either In Small Plants With Low Production Capacity Or In Large Plants With Decentralized Cleaning Stations.

Equipped with an Immersion Tank, Vacuum Drying, Circulation and Bypass Filtration, the basic version of the EcoCbase C2 already offers a solution for various cleaning tasks – from part degreasing to the removal of smaller dirt particles of less than <100 Μm.

In addition, Ecoclean provides immediately implementable upgrades in cleaning performance, solvent treatment or machine operation. On-Demand Vacuum Distillation, Steam Degreasing Device, Second Immersion Tank, Ultrasonic Device and Combination Filter for BAG or Cartridge Type Filter can be installed.

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